What is the purpose of Façade Board?

Façade Board system consists of an aluminum coated insulation system drily fastened under surfacing slabs or boards. This system coats buildings completely and prevents thermal losses for years.

Is the system water and moisture resistant?

Façade board is water and moisture repellent. It is applied on top of conventional insulation (when required. The panels are aluminum coated to block water absorption and are soaked in silicone that prevents moisture from accumulating in their fibers.

Is the system SII certified?

The system is SII standard certified. It consists of highly fire resistant components.

Is Façade Board suitable for green buildings?

Façade Board provides perfect insulation for buildings by preventing all thermal losses in hot and cold weather. The glass wool used is SII green building standard certified and its application may add SII merit points to projects built according to the green building standard guidelines.

How is glass wool attached in place without damaging other insulation materials?

Façade Board glass wool is attached with fastening anchors soaked in special epoxy adhesive. This adhesive’s bonding stays firm for many years so there is no need to drill holes in the structure in order to attach the panels properly.

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